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Our first Barcelona illustration ♥

We were at the OFFF Festival, a creative fair in Barcelona, in May this year. This trip with all its influences, all the great conversations and the inspiring talks have of course left their mark on us. So Gerrie has begun to implement a series of free illustrations.


These drawings show some funny moments of our travel group. The first moment or first drawing has the title "Deadline". It is the moment when you realize that you had a deadline after all and you have to do everything to meet it. Holla!


BLOG Beitragsbild Einzelbilder offf barcelona foto deadline




Oh dear, only a few minutes left!!!!

It was actually a relaxed morning. Christian was just walking in the garden and came back to the hotel. There he met Gerrie, who had just remembered that an offer had to be sent out today! What Gerrie did not know: the deadline was in less than an hour!


BLOG Beitragsbild flach Einzelbilder offf barcelona scetch scribble




From the sketch to the finished illustration

Since it is a free work, Gerrie could let off steam and experiment here. The illustrations are created exclusively in Clip Studio Paint, a tool with which you can create high-resolution images very comfortably and is excellent for coloring. Otherwise, we use this program almost exclusively for creating classic animations.




Watch an hour of digital drawing!

We recorded the process from the first sketch to the final animation! And uncensored with everything that goes with it. Backed by wonderfully relaxing music, so you can watch it all relaxed with a nice warm cup of tea or a glass of brandy. :)





Discuss with us!

Only we could not decide which version is better! Which version do you like better? Or do you have any other comments about the drawing? Share your opinion with us, we are on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook (yes, that still exists).


BLOG Beitragsbild Einzelbilder illustration offf 1BLOG Beitragsbild Einzelbilder illustration offf 2




See you soon, your weltenwandler



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