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Our second Barcelona illustration ♥

After our first illustration and the accompanying tutorial (an hour of digital drawing... to relax :) now comes the second strike. Many presentations had one thing in common: the 3D shoe. Sooner or later, every agency in the world has to deal with the challenge of rendering a high class, super cool 3D shoe. Of course, this circumstance can't remain uncommented for us ...


BLOG Beitragsbild Einzelbilder offf barcelona foto beach




We have no 3D shoe in the portfolio!!!!

So it looks like everyone has to have a 3D shoe in their portfolio. We refuse and worry about the painfully neglected and really important product: the sock. That's why our second drawing is also debatably titled "3D Shoes sock!"


BLOG Beitragsbild flach Einzelbilder offf barcelona scetch scribble




From the sketch to the finished illustration

Here, too, Gerrie, one of the managing directors, was able to let off steam. As with the first illustration, this one was created entirely in Clip Studio Paint. We digitally recorded the entire process and are happy to make it available on Vimeo and Youtube for those interested.





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