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beard day - gif animation



On the first Saturday in September is the official World Beard Day. It is 1. that all beard wearers are relieved of their domestic activities and duties on this day and 2. that it is forbidden to shave on this day.

International celebrations for this day range from public parades in Sydney, to 24-hour banishments of beardless Swedes from their villages (source: You can also get more information at We at the Weltenwandler Design Agency are content with a handmade GIF animation and ...




... Wish all people with facial hair a happy holiday! ❤





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How was this 2D morph animation created?

This is classic Motion Graphic Design, that is, animation created from distorting and altering graphics. For this type of animation we use Adobe After Effects. For the creation of such illustrations we use predominantly Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop

In this case Illustrator was used exclusively, since one can copy here quite simply masks of a program into's other. In After Effects, these paths were then animated and morphed in the second step.



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Animation type:

Motion Graphic Design

Animation format:


Created with:

After Effects

Razors, knifes and beard trimmers



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