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beer day - gif animation



Many breweries in Germany celebrate Beer Day on April 23rd. With our neighbors in Switzerland this festive day is celebrated on the last Friday in April and in Austria on September 30th. International Beer Day is on the first Friday in August (according to Wikipedia).

The many holidays already indicate the importance of this alcoholic drink! Just in time for the festival there is a handmade GIF animation on the topic of beer enjoyment from us world travelers. Well then, have it and have fun partying!

Of course, despite all the fun, we should like to point out the dangers of alcohol consumption at this point. The physical harm and the risk of addictions are not something to be taken lightly. Therefore: drink consciously and enjoy. Class instead of mass



Well then, have a good time and have fun partying!




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How was this GIF animation created

This is a classic frame-by-frame animation, i.e. an animation made up of individual images. In this case 12 images per second. We normally work with Adobe After Effects to create motion graphics, but we used the Clip Studio Paint program for this type of animation. If you want to know exactly how to conceptualize, illustrate and animate 2D characters, we recommend our blog post "From character design to animation - tips from the field".

We give you an insight into the creation process with our making-of video - have fun!





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Animation type:

Frame by Frame

Animation format:


Created with:

Clip Studio Paint

After Effekts



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