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how to rotate a 2D scene in after effects



We created an animated product or explainer film for Daimler Busses. Thanks to the simplified comic style, we were able to increase the complexity of the animations in some places without breaking the budget. Today we want to give you a glimpse of how we worked!




How to rotate 2D graphics?

As an eye-catcher and stylistic device, we have included a rotation of 2D graphics at the beginning and end of the Omnibus ON SignalStore animated movie . And if you're wondering "How please can you rotate 2D graphics?" Then you've come to the right place!



The tutorial at a glance:

1. start simple
2. One thing at a time
3. Keeping track
4. the character
5. Rotate the scenery
6. This is how the result looks
7. One more tip to finish ...




1. start simple

We either imported all the graphics from Illustrator into Adobe After Effects and converted them into shape layers, or created them directly in After Effects. This gives us full control over the shapes! The key to a 2D rotation like this. Let's be sure to start simple though! That means with the table.


Dailmer Tutorial Blogbeitrag 20FPS 128




2. One by one

Followed by the monitor and other details on and around the table. In some cases we had to use masks to hide shape planes. After each rotated object, it's worth checking the overall movement of all objects. Is the timing right? Does the rotation seem plausible?


Dailmer Tutorial Blogbeitrag 20FPS 128 2




3. Keep track

It's easy to get lost in details that the eye already doesn't even notice. So for each object, start simple again and test the animation!


Dailmer Tutorial Blogbeitrag 20FPS 128 3




4. the character

The most challenging part of the animation. Here we used a trick: the character actually consists of two separate steps: the initial rotation, up to the point where the chair covers the character, and the final pose (simplified character with few details)


Dailmer Tutorial Blogbeitrag 20FPS 128 4




5. Rotate the scenery

The last thing to add is the scenery, that is, the office. Light, background, plant and other details. Now the movement should sit, and create the illusion of rotation in the viewer :


Dailmer Tutorial Blogbeitrag 20FPS 128 5




7. Here's what the result looks like:


Dailmer Tutorial Blogbeitrag 20FPS 128 6




7. One more tip to finish ...

Work exclusively with keyframes without interpolation to edit transparencies, i.e. to fade in and out layers. Please do not cut layers! It is easier to move or time the whole animation if it is made of keyframes only.


BLOG makingof Beitragsbild daimler buses 6 falschBLOG makingof Beitragsbild daimler buses 6 richtig




Sound exciting? We've got meee more!

We have published some tutorials for you in the meantime. Just check out our BLOG, there you can comfortably sort by tutorials.



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