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world sword swallowers day - gif animation



The last Saturday in February is World Sword Swallowers Day! This globally celebrated event was founded in 2008 by the Sword Swallowers Association Internationall (SSAI) to raise awareness about the risks taken by this professional group. It’s no wonder, as who can insert a sword into their stomach and suppress their gag reflex without killing themselves?!

This 4000-year-old ancient art is thought to be practised by around 100 people only (source: We consider this day a welcome occasion to create a GIF animation! You can find more animated GIFs HERE. So, enjoy!



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How did we implement these 3D animation?

We implement such 3D animations in Cinema4D and Adobe After Effects. The head and sword were created in Cinema. The objects were then imported to the Element 3D plugin and the composition integrated. We then superimposed several effects over the entire clip (including ToonIt from RedGiant) to create a stylish look.

To finish, we arranged the animation to have a continuous loop and easily exported it using the GIFUN plugin and uploaded it to GIPHY among others. Anyone who searches for “sword swallower” in their chat program can use our GIF! Yay!


BLOG socialmedia TagDesSchwertSdchluckerns Beitragsbild 01 - Blogbeitrag Weltenwandler Designagentur gmbHBLOG socialmedia Beitragsbild TagDesSchwertSdchluckerns 04




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Animation type:

3D animation

Animation format:


created with:

adobe After Effects

Used plugins:

Element 3D

Cinema 4D





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