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venice after dark - our interactive novel is funded!


Our interactive graphic novel is funded!This will enable us and our partners to implement our 2020 game prototype as a full game! What wonderful news!!




Wait a moment, a game from the Weltenwandler team?!

Right! A interactive story. Why we didn't tell anything about it until now?Because we had put our main focus on the implementation of the prototype. Uncharted territory for us world changers, we did not want to stir up false hopes in potential fans, but rather make our job properly. Then have waited to see if the follow-up funding works to go public with the great news. And here we are now! It worked, and finally we can ...


... REALLY get going!




What is it about?

Venice After Dark (VAD for short) is an audiovisual novel, an adventure game so to speak. We tell the story of Aiko who, together with her self-created artificial intelligence THEA, experiences an exciting mystery story in Venice. She meets quirky characters, discovers diverse locations, solves all kinds of puzzles and thus uncovers a mysterious story surrounding a murder case.


Venice After Dark Beitragsbild Einzel hintergruende




Aha, and who is behind it?

Together with our long-time business partners Simon Osterhold and Sebastian Grünwald, we have already implemented the 2020 funded prototype to VAD. Sebastian Grünwald is a luminary in the adventure game world and has himself been working on mostly interactive projects (including games, exhibitions, films) for countless years.


Simon Osterhold is our trusted partner in sound design and voice recordings. He develops the sound effects, mixes the music and coordinates the voice actors.


The game is funded by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) and theFilmFernsehFonds BAYERN, and the project is scheduled to run from 2021 to 2023.




Can you ever play something yourself?

In fact, you can immediately play the prototype, that is, the first chapter of VAD. You can find the link and even more info about the game on our official project page:


Venice After Dark Beitragsbild Einzel titel




Where do we go from here?

First of all, let's rejoice a bit that it actually worked out! After that, we start with the prepared measures and sit down with everyone involved. Together we plan the next two years ...


We will definitely provide you here regularly with news around Venice After Dark and allow you exciting insights in the development of the game. You are also welcome to join in anytime! If you have any questions, feedback, ideas or suggestions, feel free to use our contact form!



See you in Venice!

What it will be:

Adventure Game / Visual Novel

Funded by:

FilmFernsehFonds BAYERN


Story & Ideas:

Sebastian Grünwald

Sound Design:

Simon Osterhold



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