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venice after dark - the prototype walkthrough

Recently we went public with our inactive novel 'Venice After Dark'. In the course of this we also released the download for the prototype, giving you the opportunity to play the first chapter yourself. More info and the download link can be found HERE.


We are happy to support you with this tutorial while playing, as there may be complications at one point or another. Don't forget, it's 'only' a prototype! Here we go:




HowTo: Tutorial passage to the hotel

» Solve tutorial up to the hotel (should be self-explanatory)

» Take Thea in the room

» Take the elevator to the roof. Take photo with Thea of Venice

» Take the elevator all the way down

» Taking the vaporetto to the train station

» Solve dialogue with Bruniera




HowTo: Unlock locations and characters

» Looking out the window in the room: unlocked Pietro (as a new location on the pier)

» The assassination: unlocked the Police Station (as a new location)

» Ask Pietro about policewoman and then Jakobo: unlocked State Archives(as location) and Viola(as name)

» Ask Jakobo about the nun: unlocked Giuliana (as name)

» Looking at paintings in the hotel hallway: unlocked Giovanni Stucky (as name)




HowTo: Find all glass parts


Mirror: Station

» To take directly at the station


Mirror: Kiosk

» At Pietro's fishing net, take the heart urchin

» Make some "small talk" with kiosk man (he tells how he loves heart urchins)

» Look at mobile

» Offer heart urchins in exchange


Mirror: State Archive Research

» In the state archives Jakobo ask for the nun, he gives the name

» Now still ask Jakobo for the name, so he researches


Mirror: State Archive Machine

» Ask Jakobo about Stucky (mentions the machine and what it does)

» Fire up machine, search for a name (anything). The machine has a virus.

Get the PC repair kit from the room (suitcase) and combine it with machin

» Type in name: "Bruniera" or "Giovanni Bruniera"


Mirror: Instagram model

» Once you have State Archive Machine Mirror and State Archive Research Mirror, it becomes sunny

» Chatting up influencer in front of archive

» Kiosk man describe the influencer correctly (bun, 3 million followers, gold brooch)

» Point out photographer to influencer in front of Carabineri station

» Take mirror left behind in front of state archives


Mirror: Giudecca

» This only works after 4pm (sunshine)

» Look at flashing part on hotel roof

» Buying a newspaper at kiosk man

» Persuade Pietro that he fishes the part from the Guidecca

» Come back from 6 pm and ask Pietro for the part.


Mirror: showcase

» Look at showcase in hotel

» Get hook from fishing box in front of hotel

» Use hook and PC repair kit to crack the showcase in hotel


Mirror: Bruniera

» Convincing Viola that it's okay to ask her questions

» Ask Viola about the gum-gum attack

» Talking to Viola about Viola

» Remove the spear from the statue in the hotel room

» Buy a button at the kiosk

» Talk with Jakobo about Viola

» Solve his problem ;-)

» Go to the Carabineri station

» Now visit Bruniera in prison and talk with him in detail




HowTo: End Episode

» Insert all mirror piece at the painting

» Show blueprint to Pietro

» Put Thea back in the loading tray

» Follow the glowing hotspot indicators




We are here for you!

If you have any questions or suggestions about the prototype, feel free to let us know anytime via contact form! We look forward to your feedback. Until then, have fun in Venice ♥


Venice After Dark Beitragsbild Einzel Teaser Glitch

More info about VAD:

Venice After Dark



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