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we are moving graphic design: We are a matey creative Design Agency based in Munich (germany). Our passion is Motion Design and Animation in every possible way. // Wir sind eine aufstrebende Designagentur aus München. Wir lieben alles, was mit Animation und Motion Design möglich ist.

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weltenwandler, that's it for 2021!



We can only use one word to describe this year:



2021 was an incredibly turbulent and eventful year. Thanks to our partners, customers, employees and friends also a very successful one! We had exciting contacts in all kinds of countries, diverse projects and were able to launch a lot of new things. So here is our last post for this year. A potpourri of what we experienced this year and what we have planned for the coming year. Great to have you here!




Weltenwandler Internal

In our office in Munich, we have left no stone unturned. We have completely replaced our hardware with cutting-edge models to keep up with growing customer demands. All workstations are now equipped with height-adjustable tables and ergonomic chairs. What we are especially excited about are our newly created workstations! More info about our office and how we work can be found HERE.


BLOG wwda Beitragsbild Einzelbilder flach buero muenchen


But not all that glitters is gold We were also very often under pressure in 2021 and had to deal with a wide variety of challenges. When problems arise, we deal with the issues very carefully and reflectively and look for long-term solutions. In this way, we grow from every single stumbling block and make ourselves fit for whatever may come.




Living Diversity

We have again received many surprising and varied requests. Long-term large-scale productions for TV stations, as well as spontaneous projects for motivated startups, highly complex videos for publishing campaigns or super short social media productions. It never gets boring and that's a good thing!


The world is colorful and unpredictable. We as world changers re glad to be a part of this great hustle and bustle.


BLOG interessantes Beitragsbild jahresrueckblick 2021 projekte




Weltenwandler worldwide

Not only the projects were diverse also our customers came from different corners of the world! From not so far away Denmark, for example. But also from America (Los Angeles, New York), from Africa (Benin) or from Oldenburg ♥




Crazy numbers!

For years we have been publishing our work primarily on Vimeo and Youtube. In total, we have achieved over 150,000 views on both platforms in the last few years. In the last 365 days alone, our work has been viewed for about 310 hours . We are also busy on social media. Folgt uns gern auf Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest oder LinkedIn.


It gets completely crazy when we look at our data on GIPHYHere we cracked the following incredible mark:





2022, holla we are happy!

We are very happy that our new website is working so great! Here we are constantly expanding it with new content and improving the existing pages. If you still notice things, please let us know via contact form This year, for example, our blog and a lot of new exciting content and projects have been added. For next year we already have a lot of great stuff prepared for you! For example, we will inform you regularly about our new game 'Venice after Dark". We will be working on that over the next two to three years. We re already decidedly looking forward to your feedback and opinions!


Venice After Dark Beitragsbild Einzel Teaser titel


In addition to the funding many exciting large and small projects are already emerging for the coming year. Wonderful! All lights are green! By the way, we are always looking for reinforcements. Feel free to check out our open positions! We are independently always looking for talented motion designers (focus illustration, 2D & 3D animation).




Ah well, Christmas!

In all the hustle and bustle of course, we don't forget what a wonderful time it is right now. This year for Advent, we posted new GIFs on social media every day. That ended up being quite a lot! So that our post here doesn't explode with GIFs, we've picked out six animations for you. Check out the rest at us on Instagram!


What we have given to the topic Christmas so the last years so to the best, we have collected for you here. Have fun!





And New Year's Eve!

This will be our last post this year. We say goodbye to you with our New Year's Eve GIF animations so far. We thank you for your interest, the good cooperation and we are really looking forward to everything that may come.


Bis bald,
Eure Weltenwandler ♥






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