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Weltenwandler 2022 Year in Review



And there it was again, the turbulent year 2022. Corona was barely over for the most part when this terrible war was already waiting. We feel the consequences not only emotionally, but (like everyone else) in the effects on our everyday lives. But for these topics there are enough other and more qualified sources, we concentrate here on our motion graphics agency.




What happened behind the scenes?

In short: a lot! Fortunately, our team has expanded permanently. The office has also been continually improved with things like height-adjustable desks, ergonomic chairs, a moss painting, an ice machine or powerful monster calculators. Our Garmisch location has also been significantly upgraded technically! There is now also a height-adjustable table and a professional monitor here.


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Challenges are waiting everywhere!

In terms of projects, there was once again a lot to do (thank goodness). There were many social media clips, trade fair and product films and, of course, many of our explanatory films. Our clients were as diverse as their requirements: Image films with animation overlays, colorful explainers and medical product films with challenging content (wound care). As a contrast, we also did animations for children's series, colorful social media posts or high-end motion design for prototypes of well-known car manufacturers.


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It got emotional!

To become better, you need professional input from outside. So we decided to bring partners on board to coach us in various areas. This started with topics like acquisition, customer contact and project management and went further than we could have dreamed of.


Through a personal recommendation, we came to a coach who skillfully maneuvers us as people through the rough patches of being CEOs. We are flabbergasted by the simple methods, are impressed by the results and are very happy to have found such a partner.


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It humanizes!

Through all the coaches this year, one thing has become clear: we need to take time together as a team to catch our breath, to grow together as a team and not to lose the fun in our work! Many wonderful experiences have come out of this. The curious among you are welcome to follow us on INSTAGRAM or YOUTUBE :)





That's it for this website!

After long analysis and thorough consideration, we came to the conclusion to completely rebuild our website. The old website was programmed in PERCH, unfortunately a framework that is no longer supported. It is no longer up to date. Much better loading times, accessibility and easier handling are our goals for the new version. You may be curious! Here is a little sneak peek:


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We look forward to seeing you in 2023!





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