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we are moving graphic design: We are a matey creative Design Agency based in Munich (germany). Our passion is Motion Design and Animation in every possible way. // Wir sind eine aufstrebende Designagentur aus München. Wir lieben alles, was mit Animation und Motion Design möglich ist.

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Welcome to our brand-new Weltenwandler blog! This'll give you more insight into our work. Who are we exactly? How are our handmade animated films created? How do we work?

All these and many more questions will be answered going forwards as part of regular blogs. We'll update you on our various projects, our partially extroverted social media campaigns, show you exciting motion design and animation tutorials as well as topics of personal interest to us. How better to start a blog than with:




How it all began ...

Jam-packed with motivation and passion, comprehensive motion design and media training and years of practical experience, our three founding members came together in Munich in April 2014 to grace the media market with their newly founded company.

After a long period of searching for a name (the brainstorm for this can still be seen hanging up in the agency), Christian Schwarzendahl, Patrick Poelchau und Christian Buntrock finally settled on the perfect name in April 2014 in Munich. It's a name that has stayed with us ever since: Weltenwandler Designagentur GmbH! It might sound a little long-winded, but it's filled with a thirst for adventure, creativity and joy of discovery. The three founders then embraced the challenges of the early years. 

Honestly speaking, the early days were turbulent, tiring and bureaucratic, but what company start-up isn’t? However, they learned from our mistakes, quickly found their feet and plunged themselves into their project work.


Buero alt 1 aufbau - Die Geschichte der Weltenwandler Designagentur GmbHBuero alt Schwarzendahl  - Die Geschichte der Weltenwandler Designagentur GmbH


BLOG wwda Beitragsbild Buero alt meetingtisch - Blogbeitrag Firmengeschichte der Weltenwandler Designagnetur gmbH


BLOG wwda Beitragsbild Buero alt kaffeeautomat - Blogbeitrag Firmengeschichte der Weltenwandler Designagnetur gmbHBLOG wwda Beitragsbild Buero alt arbeitsplatz - Blogbeitrag Firmengeschichte der Weltenwandler Designagnetur gmbH





2014-2016 | Good animations pay off!

Thanks to plenty of attention to detail, an understanding of customer requirements and a love of experimentation, the guys soon managed to build up a large portfolio of satisfied customers with the help of their partners, among them companies such as Anderthalb Medienproduktion and fischerAppelt play.

Right from the early days, customers included notable companies such as BASF, RedBull and the Nobel Prize Foundation. This great momentum led them to being invited as guest speakers at conventions, taking joint trips to the OFFF in Barcelona, sweeping up a prize for their showreel and enjoying their work on a wide variety of projects. It was a pleasure! So, what could possibly go wrong?


Die Weltenwandler bei ihren Kunden - Die Weltenwandler Designagentur Firmengeschichte - BlogbeitragMaking of  TV Opener Produktion - Die Weltenwandler Designagentur Firmengeschichte - Blogbeitrag


Barcelona OFFF Tour - Die Weltenwandler Designagentur Firmengeschichte - BlogbeitragDie Weltenwandler als Gastredner - Die Weltenwandler Designagentur Firmengeschichte - Blogbeitrag





2016 | An abrupt end for Weltenwandler?!

Things never turn out quite how you might expect. Despite their success, Patrick chose to move back to Ludwigsburg for personal reasons, which is where the three had studied ( and all attempts to maintain the partnership failed. So what then? As fate sometimes has it, Geralsd Grunow ad moved into the Weltenwandler office a year earlier.

He’d been working for the company for several years as a freelance illustrator and motion designer. Given that he was now working in the office and had been successfully involved in many shared projects, he leapt at the opportunity to take the vacant position. Full steam ahead!


Gerald komm - Die Weltenwandler Designagentur Firmengeschichte - BlogbeitragGerald trifft die Weltenwandler - Die Weltenwandler Designagentur Firmengeschichte - Blogbeitrag




Looking to the future!

Lots has happened here since then! We have moved to larger premises, have expanded our team and invested in new technology and software. Meanwhile, we also opened a second office in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Our customer base has grown substantially. Regular customers include Mercedes, BMW, Sony Music, Ratpack, the Helmholzinstitut, missio, Fifa, SAP, ARD, Fifa, Sueddeutsche Zeitung Verlag and many more.

All signs are pointing to growth! Nevertheless, we want to approach this with caution, understanding and foresight. Despite continuous progress, we have never lost sight of why we formed the Weltenwandler design agency in the first place:



Sustainable working methods:

The term ‘work-life balance’ might be somewhat worn-out but is still important! Only well-balanced employees can be creative and productive! After all, we want to sustain our high quality standards in the long term. Oh, and we naturally obtain our electricity from fully ecological sources - logical!



Friendly atmosphere:

Flat structures with clearly assigned areas of responsibility and a relaxed atmosphere create a good working environment. We cherish honest and authentic communication with our customers too.



Creative & honest exchange:

Whether within our team or in dialogue with our customers and partners, honest and constructive feedback is important to us. We’ve applied these principles to produce outstanding animations for various industries and applications since 2014.



Searching for new things::

We are driven by curiosity and a hunger for knowledge when it comes to animation and motion graphic design and so are always on the lookout for new things: new influences, ideas, channels, processes, software solutions and knowledge.



Reliable interaction with our network!

We are in the fortunate position of having a large network of companies and freelancers with whom we have reliably worked for many years. Since the market and requirements are constantly changing, we are always on the lookout for new contacts and partners! Are you a freelancer, looking for an internship or employment as a motion designer? Then take a look at our job vacancies! We look forward to receiving your application! 


BLOG wwda Beitragsbild buero Neu - Blogbeitrag Firmengeschichte der Weltenwandler Designagnetur gmbH


BLOG wwda Beitragsbild buero Neu arbeitsplatz fenster - Blogbeitrag Firmengeschichte der Weltenwandler Designagnetur gmbHBLOG wwda Beitragsbild buero Neu meetingtisch - Blogbeitrag Firmengeschichte der Weltenwandler Designagnetur gmbH




There's more to come

This is our background and some of our recipes for outstanding animation projects. But that's not nearly all! We’ve prepared a mountain of exciting topics for you and are excited to share them with you! We not only create animations and motion design ...



... we also create worlds!








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