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we are moving graphic design: We are a matey creative Design Agency based in Munich (germany). Our passion is Motion Design and Animation in every possible way. // Wir sind eine aufstrebende Designagentur aus München. Wir lieben alles, was mit Animation und Motion Design möglich ist.

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Trade fairs combine zeitgeist, modernity and innovation and corporate events are the emotional heart of any company. Trade fair films are a perfect marketing tool for directly communicating with your business partners and customers, product presentations or team building activities.

Your product innovations, ideas or your company can be presented in professionally animated films. In this way, promotional videos can support your sales team while we create an impressive ambience and a unique, holistic company experience for the breaks between presentations with outstanding background animations (ambient animations).

We professionally animate films and clips for impressive projection screen installations, giant video walls or monitors on your trade fair stand, in all sizes, formats and lengths! You'll be sure to grab the attention of potential customers, employees, business partners and shareholders! Show what you're capable of and enhance your competitiveness, image and team! Let's take a closer look at the diverse topic of trade fairs & events:

Where are trade fair films used?

What do trade fair and event films look like?

Suitable film formats for your trade fair and events:

How much do these animated films cost?

How are these films created?

Für euch erstellen wir profesionell animierte Messefilme!
Erreicht mit professionell animierten Messe und Eventfilmen euer Publikum!

where are trade fair films used?

Wir Weltenwandler hauchen eurem Logo leben ein, und erzählen so eure Geschichte!

logo animation

When used properly, an animated logo used in an intro (or opening credits) can tell an entire story! It involves every single frame. A challenge that’s worth it!

Wir Weltenwandler entwickeln eure hochprofesionell animierte Präsentation!

animated presentation

Professionally designed presentations are standard these days - so how can you stand out from the crowd? How can you attract viewers? With an integrated and captivating animation! Whether appealing characters or integrated videos, we'll help you captivate your audience!

Wir Weltenwandler setzen kreative Animationen für eure Bühnenshows um. Egal welches Format und welche größe!

stage show animation

We can develop the video clips to suit your event or show. We combine 2D and 3D techniques, frame-by-frame animation, motion graphic design and character animation. Whether simple, straight-to-the-point animations or complex visual effects, we’ll find the right tone for you!

Wir Weltenwandler sorgen mit hochkarätigen Animationen für die richtige Stimmung auf euren Veranstaltungen!

ambient animation

Ambient animations are, as the name suggests, animations They involve repetitive, mostly abstract films or clips which run subtly in the background or during breaks at trade fairs or company events. They can be calming or elegantly inform viewers about the next section of the show. They are a great way of creating an enticing, seamless experience for viewers.

Mit unseren Animationen wird ihr Event einzigartig!

corporate event animation

Whether an opening celebration, general meeting, press conference or Christmas celebration, modern corporate events are multimedia experiences! Impress customers, business partners, employees and shareholders with professional animations. We'll develop animations and films to meet these complex challenges. This lets you visually integrate your presentations or articles into the event.

Wir Weltenwandler liefern eurem VJ alles was er für eine gelungene Show braucht!

animated VJ clips

We provide tailored and perfectly interlinked animations. These might include atmospheric, repetitive ambient animations which then introduce gently transition to introduce the main show, or used to separate speakers and their presentations. Dynamic play or real footage of live recordings of the event are also possible.

Wir Weltenwandler erstellen profesionell animierte Einspieler für euer Online-Event.

trade fair livestream

Why only showcase a major show to guests on site when you can share it with a much wider audience? Show the world what you're capable of! Or remain flexible, even in times of crisis.

Wir Weltenwandler erschaffen gemeinsam mit unseren exzellenten Partnern eure Event-Filme!

event film | event documentary

An event film is where your trade fair or corporate event is captured on film. It's an important marketing tool for helping trade fair visitors to remember you or for presenting your products, processes and corporate culture to potential customers. Get the most out of your trade fair appearance or corporate event!

what do trade fair and event films
look like?

We can create fully animated films or integrate the animations into real recordings. We combine 2D and 3D techniques, work with impressive particle effects and bold typography animations to fit your corporate design. We produce seamless animations that can also be used on loop. This lets you create an impressive ambience. These are also components that a VJ needs to get an impressive show up and running.

Whether simple, purist animations or highly complex visual effects, whether loud, brightly coloured and provocative or quiet, serious and to-the-point - we’ll find the right way to tell your story, present your company or create an unforgettable show!

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suitable film formats for your
trade fair and events

Taucht mit uns in die vielfältige Welt der Animationen ein!


We combine 2D and 3D techniques, frame-by-frame cartoons and modern character animation. Whether simple, specific animations or highly complex visual effects, we’ll find the right way to tell your story.

Wir unterstützen eure Firmenkommunikation mit unseren einzigartigen und hochprofesionell animierten Filmen!

corporate film

Corporate films include all films for internal and external company communication. This might include promotional videos, product films, recruitment films, educational videos or project documentaries. The objective of all these corporate films can vary greatly; however, they all share the special significance of a corporate identity!

Wir Weltenwandler animieren euer einzigartigen Imagefilm! Schaut doch mal rein ...

image film

A promotional film is an extension of an industry-based film. It involves portraying a company, institution, organisation or product brand, or a service. It’s a perfect marketing tool for communicating values, ideas, presentations and advantages over the competition at an emotional level. We can help you tell your story in a unique and authentic way!

Wir Weltenwandler sind euer Partner für kreative und einzigartig animierte Werbefilme!

commercials | adverts

Commercials or adverts are designed to raise interest in a brand, product or service and improve its public image. To achieve this, the product or brand needs to be presented as creatively and effectively as possible while demonstrating the advantages. This not only increases sales figures but also generates trust in the brand or product.

Mit animierter Corporate Identity bzw. Corporate Design in ein neues Zeitalter eintreten!

animated corporate design

Animated, or moving corporate design is essential if you're looking to professionally present your company in the digital world. Whether corporate films, educational videos, presentations, business TV, social media posts or websites - we develop animations based on your corporate design! This could include CI-compliant, animated video graphics packages, interviews and much more.

how much do these animated films cost?

Since the areas of use vary greatly, the easiest way to answer this is by phone or our contact form! Together with our long-standing partners, we'll put together a team of experts specifically for you. We can support your event by providing a fully equipped camera team or host interviews.

Here are a few factors that may influence the cost:

How many films are planned?

Should they be fully animated films?

Or real-life films with animated elements?

How long should the animation be?

What medium should the animation be played on?

How complex is the desired style?

Still looking for that brilliant idea? We’ll happily develop the right style for you!

Should the corporate design be taken into account?

Are graphics, illustrations or 3D data already available?

Do you require music, sound effects or voice recordings?

How much time do we have to implement your project?

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how are these animations created?

Together! We reliably accompany you throughout the entire process.

We can support you from the initial consultation right through to final implementation. Whether individual animations for a clip or an entire stage show, we’re your creative partner! No matter how large or small, down-to-earth or outlandish your demands, we embrace every challenge! By the way, more info HERE.



You tell us what you need, for what purpose and when. Alternatively, we’ll figure it out together.


finding the style

Are we free to design what we like or are there CI requirements to take into consideration? Now we determine the visual appearance.



Together we'll develop a storyboard to visualise your concept. We can also animate this upon request.



Images come to life! The main part of our work in which everything forms a product.



We now perfect the result down to the last detail with you.



No matter whether a small social media GIF or a spectacular show, whether an internal campaign or if you simply want to make the world a little more colourful - your vision has now become a reality!



We deliver the film or animations in your chosen format. We can also make arrangements for public project files (animation & graphic).




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