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we are moving graphic design: We are a matey creative Design Agency based in Munich (germany). Our passion is Motion Design and Animation in every possible way. // Wir sind eine aufstrebende Designagentur aus München. Wir lieben alles, was mit Animation und Motion Design möglich ist.

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what can animated corporate design do?

Animated, or moving corporate design is essential if you're looking to professionally present your company in the digital world. Whether corporate films, educational videos, presentations, business TV, social media posts or websites - we develop animations based on your corporate design!

This could include CI-compliant, animated video graphics packages (broadcast packages), interviews and much more. For example, you can visualise your brand message more clearly by animating your logo and this gives you a recurrent distinguishing feature that works beyond media boundaries. Furthermore, we can develop animation guidelines for style guides and provide animation templates (MOGRT). This allows you to independently develop professional content with the right design templates to hand.

With our broad range of styles and attention to detail, we develop your corporate identity and create tailored, animated designs. We are unconventional, experimental and authentic. We can present exciting opportunities and the tangible benefits of animated corporate design by focussing on the following points:

What can it look like?

How are these animations created?

Where is animated corporate design used?

What does animated corporate design cost?

How can we help you further?

Mit gekonnt inszenierten Animationen ihre Firmengeschichte erzählen
Mit uns hochprofesionell in die Digitalisierung ihrer Marke starten!

what can it look like?

A corporate design is normally strictly specified. The permitted colours, shapes and fonts are mostly defined and animation is therefore a logical enhancement, both visually and in terms of content. A brief, animated logo can reveal an entire company history! A gradual, animated design of a complex chart is comprehensible, appealing and memorable. Whether lower thirds, logo animations, bumpers or other animated graphics, it must always fit in with you and your company. Be inspired!

  • motion graphics

  • social media animation

  • image film

  • ui | ux animation

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how are these animations created?

It's quite simple: together! We support you individually and transparently throughout the entire process.

We can support you from the initial consultation through to final implementation. Whether fully developed guidelines including templates, entire animation films or individually animated graphics for your videos and presentations, you can rely on us!



You tell us what you need, for what purpose and when. Alternatively, we’ll figure it out together.



Now we put our heads together and work out, construct, rethink and present you our ideas


finding the style

Are we free to design what we like or are there CI requirements to take into consideration? Now we determine the visual appearance.



Images come to life! The main part of our work in which everything forms a product.



We now perfect the result down to the last detail with you.



No matter whether a small social media GIF or a spectacular show, whether an internal campaign or if you simply want to make the world a little more colourful - your vision has now become a reality!



We deliver the film or animations in your chosen format. We can also make arrangements for public project files (animation & graphic).

where is animated corporate design used?

Wir Weltenwandler erschaffen CI

broadcast package

It describes the graphic appearance of a programme or YouTube video. It contains logo animations, lower thirds, intros and outros, transitions, title animations and other graphic overlays. This creates a professional appearance and recognition value for the viewer.

Wir Weltenwandler erschaffen packende, animierte Vorspänne!

opener | intro | opening credits

Whether short or long, whether for streaming, cinema or games – opening credits put your viewer in the mood! It tells the background story and is often the reason for choosing to watch the upcoming film or not…

Wir Weltenwandler erschaffen beeindruckende Titel Animationen!

title animation | title sequence

Spectacular title animations for cinema films, or perhaps short and snappy animations for a YouTube channel? Title animations can win over viewers in a matter of seconds.

Wir Weltenwandler hauchen eurem Logo leben ein, und erzählen so eure Geschichte!

logo animation

When used properly, an animated logo used in an intro (or opening credits) can tell an entire story! It involves every single frame. A challenge that’s worth it!

Wir Weltenwandler entwickeln eure hochprofesionell animierte Präsentation!

animated presentation

Professionally designed presentations are standard these days - so how can you stand out from the crowd? How can you attract viewers? With an integrated and captivating animation! Whether appealing characters or integrated videos, we'll help you captivate your audience!

Wir Weltenwandler erschaffen kreative und leicht zu verstehende Lösungen für komplexe Sachverhalte!

animated infographics

Animated infographics, such as in company-internal communication, documentary films or in training and explainer videos, employees, can give employees, customers and prospective individuals a better understanding of complex charts and graphics in an entertaining, understandable and memorable way.

Mit unseren Animationen wird ihr Event einzigartig!

corporate event animation

Whether an opening celebration, general meeting, press conference or Christmas celebration, modern corporate events are multimedia experiences! Impress customers, business partners, employees and shareholders with professional animations. We'll develop animations and films to meet these complex challenges. This lets you visually integrate your presentations or articles into the event.

Wir Weltenwandler entwickeln für euch Styleguides und Animationskonzepte.

animation concept | style guide

Developing a style guide for animations is useful for companies that want to enhance their corporate design. A uniform appearance on different social media channels and video platforms shows professionalism. This ranges from standardised clips, opening credits and logo animations to the animation guidelines for presentations.

Animations-Template (MOGRT)

Animation template (MOGRT)

We create your new programme package as a convenient and dynamic Essential Graphics Template (MOGR templates).

what does animated corporate design cost?

The topic of corporate design is extremely diverse with various areas of application. We therefore don’t offer standard packages and off-the-shelf product prices.

The best way is to simply give us a call. Each customer receives individual advice in a timely manner. We're available should you need any information or a consultation! Is it three a.m. already and no one’s answering the phone? No problem, we’ve created a handy contact form for you.

Here are a few factors that may influence the cost:

How many elements need to be created?

How long should the animation be approximately?

How complex is your corporate design?

Do you have a style guide, graphics or illustrations that we can use?

Do you need us to create a style guide?

Do you need animation templates (MOGRT)?

How much time do we have to implement your project?

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how can we help you further?

Mit Motion Graphic Design die Welt verändern!

motion graphics

Motion graphic design involves moving or animated graphic design. It's a great way of presenting complex information in an easily understandable and appealing format. Find out here how it differs from animation, where it is used, what it looks like and how much it costs.

Die Moderne Art zu lernen: Schulungsvideos und E-Learning Filme

educational video | elearning

Animated educational videos are a great way for e-learning platforms, educational facilities and companies to explain complex topics in a comprehensible and illustrative format. We'll show you various uses of these and answer your questions about the topic of educational videos.

Wir helfen euch mit animierten Beiträgen in Kontakt mit der ganzen Welt zu treten!

social media animation

Whether funny GIFs, entertaining blogs, announcements, self-promotion, etc. the content varies as much as the style: sometimes loud, brightly coloured and provocative or quiet, minimalist and straight-to-the-point. Other key components for your professional online presence may also include skilled channel branding or title and logo animations. We're happy to help you implement this in a timely, simple manner.

Bei uns gibts handgemachte, kreative und zielgenaue Erklärfilme!

explainer video | how-to film

Explainer videos present complex content to the viewer in an entertaining and quickly understandable way. This modern method of conveying information is appealing, intuitive and memorable. The areas of application are diverse: for e-learning platforms, internal company communication, presentations at trade fairs, as video blogs on social media, videos at information points or to replace incomprehensible user instructions.

Wir Weltenwandler erstellen euer On Air Design!

on-air design

We develop on-air design for TV formats, video channels or entire channels. We provide convenient and flexible animation templates for premières (MOGRT) that allow you to create your own video content.




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