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Audi Cup - Social Media Post

The Audicup - a social media campaign with all the football stars. Animated by Weltenwandler Designagnetur GmbH.
The Audicup - a social media campaign with all the football stars. Animated by Weltenwandler Designagnetur GmbH.
The Audicup - Fenerbahçe Istanbul VS FC Bayern Munich
The Audicup - Tottenham Hotspur VS FC Bayern Munich
The Audicup - Real Madrid vs. FC Bayern Munich.

The Audicup is a soccer tournament that has been held in the Bavarian capital Munich at the Allianz Arena since 2009. As the name suggests, Audi is the main sponsor. This major event has been held every two years since 2009, and like any event these days, it is accompanied by various social media campaigns.




In Time and In Budget!

For the creation of two campaigns in 2019, the world changers were brought on board by our esteemed colleagues at Brandspider. Since these are mostly short clips that experience tells us will be posted in the not-too-distant future, we've optimized our processes for this type of animation.


Direct lines of communication and short production times ensure manageable budgets and fast, but high-quality results.




Campaign #1: Hello Ronaldo & Co!

The first campaign was a funny fake Whatsapp chat history between the players of FC Bayern Munich, Tottenham Hotspur, Real Madrid and  Fenerbahçe Istanbul. There were even extra short films shot with the stars! Of course, everything around it should also fit perfectly.




Campaign #2: The long road to Munich

For the second campaign, we used maps of Europe to animate a 3D flight from the clubs' home bases to Munich, including best-of photos. A tune-up for the highly anticipated duels between the top teams.




Say hello

You can find more exciting uses for animation and motion design HERE. If you also need non-binding support for the implementation of animated contributions, feel free to contact us by phone (+49 89 890 543 15), or use our convenient contact form.



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