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EQC - Explainer videos

mercedes EQC explainer motion design - animationen - Weltenwandler Designagentur GmbH #WWDA
mercedes EQC explainer motion design - animationen - Weltenwandler Designagentur GmbH #WWDA
mercedes EQC explainer motion design - animationen - Weltenwandler Designagentur GmbH #WWDA

Together with our colleagues from Fischer Appelt GmbH we were able to accompany the campaign for Mercedes' first SUV powered entirely by electricity - the EQC. A unique visual language was to be found for some explanatory animated films. These had to be visually independent, but still fit into the already existing campaign. A welcome challenge for us world changers!




The Blue Hour

The so-called blue hour is the magical time between evening and night, and night and day. When the blue in the sky is dominant because the sun has just set- or just not yet risen. An exciting mood of light that captivates everyone. This is the perfect color space for our films! This is how we gracefully convey innovation and progress.


»But how do you visualize the dynamic? The modern?
»How do you elegantly communicate complicated information?




Electrified lines meet atmospheric surfaces

We decided to move the focus from complex animations to a holistic mood image. Energized lines draw themselves into the image and form illustrations with atmospheric surfaces. With gentle transitions and animations, we thus guide the viewer through the films and answer the most important questions about electromobility in an entertaining way.




Successful positioning!

The films were published on the official website of the vehicle on the one hand, and on the Youtube channel of Mercedes Benz on the other. Currently, the films have been viewed over 700,000 times! A complete success and a successful support of the release campaign of the EQC.




We are here for you!

Do you also need a explanatory film or unique animations for your UI UX design of the new trade showprototypes or concept cars?  Then we are gladly there for you. Just call (also via WhatsApp) or use our contact form. You can find our full range of products and services HERE.



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