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Extremism & security - Social media GIFs

social media animationen - Weltenwandler Designagentur GmbH #WWDA
The unused social media graffiti animations for RBB. Sensational!

A few years ago, RBB Online published notable polls on topics such as right-wing extremism, left-wing extremism and religious fanatics. To appropriately illustrate these provocative results, we created the animated social media posts in an extrovert graffiti look (stencil art).




Animated graffiti ♥

For the style, we worked a lot with edited (altered) photos, graphics and typography or writing. But that's just the core of the style! There were also animated textures and moving image footage. Even 3D objects made it into production.

The combination of hard animations (interpolated keyframes) and soft movements (footage, scaling) creates stark contrasts. Tailored to the provocative questions. Incidentally, we mainly work with the Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator and above all After Effects).


Screenshot Graffiti animation weltenwandler clip 00003 26532862729 oScreenshot Graffiti animation clip 24436838958 o




Awesome look for awesome content!

In the end not all clips were released. A post that we didn't want to hold against you, however, is this one. Great project! Gladly again! - You can find more clips and unused material on our VIMEO channel..





Go your own way!

Especially for social media, it is important not only to use trends, but also to go your own way. Experiment and think outside the box. Do you also have a challenging project for social media? Then bring it on :)



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