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we are moving graphic design: We are a matey creative Design Agency based in Munich (germany). Our passion is Motion Design and Animation in every possible way. // Wir sind eine aufstrebende Designagentur aus München. Wir lieben alles, was mit Animation und Motion Design möglich ist.

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Galileo - Explainer video the online offshoot of the popular ProSieben program is a smorgasbord of interesting and bizarre contributions. Every day, exciting facts or news on various topics such as health, food, life, nature, adventure or technology are presented there..




Unique look for the new Galileo explainer films!

The team behind Galileo was so pleased with our work for their new On Air Design that they hired us for a whole series of animated Explanatory films have approached. For this, we have developed our own style, which is easy to identify and fits Galileo excellently. In this way, even the most complicated topics can be conveyed simply, quickly and memorably.




But the cost!?

Despite the high-quality look, the films are produced within a manageable time and cost framework. This is feasible on the one hand due to the high number of films and the associated reuse possibilities, and on the other hand due to optimized processes in the communication and production of the animations.

A big cost is often the character animations. These take time and skill. For the film series, we brought them to life with a lot of love, however don't exhaust all the possibilities in animation due to cost constraints.


BLOG projekte beitragsbild galileo erklarfilme aniamtion character




We work fairly, sustainably and transparently, we promise!

For every single project, we question the cost-benefit factor anew. This is how we guarantee our customers maximum quality for every budget, every target group and every area of application. Our long customer list with many well-known companies is the proof!




Optimized for social media!

Meanwhile, close to ten films have been produced! And not only in the usual format of 16:9 but also simultaneously for 9:16! We do not simply distort the clip or cut off the edges, but we produce the animated films in such a way that we create them in a separate step with manageable effort especially for 9:16. This is possible because we already prepare the data accordingly during production. Best possible quality for all areas of application!




What happened so far ...

You can find all our animated explainers on or on their Instagram account. For you, of course, we have once again compiled all the films released so far:




What are genes and how do they affect your appearance?



Resistant bacteria:

How do antibiotic-resistant bacteria develop and what can be done about them? This animated film was used for two posts at once. One for How do resistant bacteria develop? and for Antibiotics, how do multidrug-resistant germs develop?

Galileo Erklaerfilm Beitragsbild resistente bakterien antibiotika



Healthy diet:

What characterizes a balanced and healthy diet?

Galileo Erklaerfilm Beitragsbild gesunde ernaehrung




What happens in your body with corona? When does it become dangerous?

Galileo Erklaerfilm Beitragsbild corona krankheit



Corona vaccines:

What vaccines are available against corona and how do they work?

Galileo Erklaerfilm Beitragsbild corona impfung



Genetic engineering:

How and why are organisms genetically modified?

Galileo Erklaerfilm Beitragsbild Gentechnik



The brain:

How does our brain work?

Galileo Erklaerfilm Beitragsbild wie funktioniert das gehirn




What is cancer and how does it develop?

Galileo Erklaerfilm Beitragsbild wie ensteht krebs




What does alcohol do to your body?

Galileo Erklaerfilm Beitragsbild alkohol



Federal election 2021:

What do first vote and second vote mean? Und welche ist wichtiger?

Galileo Erklaerfilm Beitragsbild Bundestagswahl



The German Bundestag:

What does your vote do and how does it affect the composition and distribution of seats in the Bundestag?

Galileo Erklaerfilm Beitragsbild Bundestag



The telescope:

How does a telescope work and what does Galileo Galilei have to do with it?

Galileo Erklaerfilm Beitragsbild teleskop



How harmful is smoking really?

And what happens when I stop smoking? You can find many answers about smoking in this clip:

BLOG projekte Beitragsbild einzelbild galileo rauchen erklärfilm




You also need high quality animated explainer films?

We are here for you! Call us straightforward +49 (0)89 ⁄ 890 543 15 (also via WhatsApp) or feel free to use our contact form. More Explanatory films, Training films and our full range of animation services can be found on This overview page.



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