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Hindafing - Opening credits

Hindafing - the animated opener of season 1
Hindafing - the adapted animated opener of season 2

The German hit series Hindafing has caused quite a stir in the media landscape. Not without good reason! It is bold, quirky and extremely entertaining! We were all the more pleased when our colleagues from NEUESUPER Produktions GmbH contacted us about this: They would like to realize an intro (opening title) with us. Well holla the wood fairy, of course we would! You have come to the right place ♥


BLOG Beitragsbild Einzelbilder flach hindafing vorspann animation kollage



Together we create worlds!

Hindafing is a production of NEUESUPER Produktions GmbH in co-production with BR Fernsehen, supported by FFF Bayern. For this production we accompanied the complete creation process. From the conception to the realization, animation and postproduction. Extra scenes for the intro were recorded with the original actor Maximilian Brückner as Alfons Zischl.


With this footage and original graphics from the film (such as the election poster), we were able to animate the scenes in detail and comprehensively. As in the series, the production team showed courage to create a really outstanding opening credits for a great series. Of course, with many, sometimes crude Eastereggs, just in keeping with the series. 


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The series title

We also designed and animated the series title and integrated it into the opener. Of course, we also provided the graphics in high resolution and printable to the production team.


BLOG Beitragsbild Einzelbilder flach hindafing vorspann animation serien title



The press comments on Hindafing:

Die Zeit:

"When a series is announced as the 'Bavarian Fargo', it can only backfire. But it doesn't. Even after the opening credits, you ask yourself: Does this look like a BR production? No, it doesn't..."

(original article)


Die Tageszeitung:

„With "Hindafing", Bayrische Rundfunk has landed a hit. ... that the editorial staff allowed such a wild ride through the thoughts and actions of lunatics, half-wits and assholes to happen can confidently be called a miracle.“

(original articlel)


Die Süddeutsche Zeitung:

„Smart, but not cerebral, crude and politically incorrect."

(original article)


Der Spiegel:

„The BR six-parter 'Hindafing' is ... already the second German series this spring staged on an international level. Hindafing' comes across as satirically exaggerated and lustily embellished - and yet, with an unerring sense of reality, picks up on the distortions that failed provincial dreams leave behind. The proud Free State becomes a failed state with crystal meth kitchens and a violent peasant precariat, which makes the social hotspots of the cities look like idylls. Bavaria Noir.“

(original article)


BLOG Beitragsbild Einzelbilder flach hindafing vorspann animation schreibtisch



A great success for all!

The series won the award for Best TV Series at the Romy Awards and was nominated many times. In 2019, a second season was also implemented, for which we again made an update of the intro. But we also won BASSAWARDS bronze with this project! Allegedly, an American remake is now also being planned. By the way, you can watch the series in the BR-Mediathek or on Netflix.



How were this intro animated?

For these opening credits, we partly combined the original footage with 2D and 3D animations and partly animated complete sequences. For the end, for example, we shot a real street, including a puddle, a billboard and tires driving through it, and later added a moving vehicle. We will give you an exciting insight in our MakingOf of Hindafing. More articles, tutorials and insights can be found in our BLOG. 





We are ready for challenges!

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