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we are moving graphic design: We are a matey creative Design Agency based in Munich (germany). Our passion is Motion Design and Animation in every possible way. // Wir sind eine aufstrebende Designagentur aus München. Wir lieben alles, was mit Animation und Motion Design möglich ist.

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Moppi & the treat store - animated opener

Moppi und der Leckerladen is a new Kika program. It makes cooking tasty for children in an imaginative and funny way. With the naughty friend of Pittiplatsch Moppi and the cook Maya you discover wonderfully delicious dishes and learn the recipes at the same time. It was a pleasure to implement this project! Our children helped in the process as a critical test audience ♥




Colorful illustrations ...

Together with the production company Anderthalb Medienproduktion and the talented illustrator Elisabeth Deim, we animated, among other things a colorful and imaginative intro for the show. Here, Moppi is lured out of his familiar forest by a seductive scent, and so arrives at the treat store.




Real footage and motion design

Colleagues from One and a Half shot real-life footage of Moppi for us for various scenes . We then integrated these into the illustrated world of the treat store. So in the end Moppi was able to move through the fabulous illustration.


BLOG projekte Beitragsbild Quadratisch moppi greenscreenBLOG projekte Beitragsbild Quadratisch moppi im wald




Logo animation, sprites and an old potato

It didn't stop at the animated opener. For this we animated the logo (which is actually a separate theme) and prepared many crazy and funny animation sprites for the show. This means we prepared animations on a transparent background for different situations in the show, which the production team can then incorporate into the movies themselves. 


Thumbnail GIF Projekt 1x1 Moppi Leckerladen 2 Effekte 1Thumbnail GIF Projekt 1x1 Moppi Leckerladen 2 Effekte



And that was still not all! Because in the tasty store also lives an old, wizened potato, which is always at the side of the two cooks with its boundless wisdom. If it is not just sleeping. So that the potato can speak we have it in After Effects with the help of expressions (code) and a Plugin so prepared that she automatically moves her lips to the spoken text. This has the great advantage that the production team can now add new soundtracks for the treat store episodes themselves. That saves time and money!


BLOG projekte Beitragsbild flach moppi leckerladen alte kartoffel




Are you curious?

Seid you become curious about the series? Then you can watch it anytime on Kika. And between us: the dishes are really great!




We can do more film!

Whether it's VFX, on air design or wacky cutscenes, we feel at home in the world of film! HERE we have gathered all the info around the topic for you.


Do you have already project or need some advice? Then please contact us via phone, WhatsApp or use our contact form. We are happy to help you in an uncomplicated way!




For you we create worlds!



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