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Narzissmus - Opening credits

For the three-part German TV documentary "Mensch bin ich toll" is devoted to the all too human characteristics such as vanity, excessive self-love or self-centeredness. People with such characteristics are generally described as narcissists. The documentary is dedicated to such people and sheds light on the topic in different ways. Together with our partners from Inter/Aktion we created an opening title.




Vain, self-absorbed and egocentric

Often the narcissist is closest to himself at the expense of others. But how do you capture this mood at prayer? Ideally, start with a storyboard and layouts so everyone involved can get a sense of the vision. Sometimes even an animated storyboard makes sense, in this case it is not necessary. Then find suitable actors and invite them to the shoot.


BLOG Beitragsbild Einzelbilder flach narzissmus dokumentation opener intro animation selbstzweifel




The job of a motion designer

After the footage was shot, we could really start our job: In After Effects, we created the cut with the footage and applied various effects to the footage. Here we radically reduced the colors and applied a so-called distortion. That's this blurring that can be seen just at the edges of the people.


BLOG Beitragsbild Einzelbilder flach narzissmus dokumentation opener intro animation narzisst




The animation and the finishing touches

Now we have animated the typo (font) and the graphics. This is also called motion design. For the curious: We have written down the difference between both terms HERE. The last step in post-production is the color grading of the whole intro. For all these steps we use Adobe After Effects and a whole range of plugins and tools.


BLOG Beitragsbild Einzelbilder flach narzissmus dokumentation opener intro animation eitelkeit




Where can I watch the documentary?

The documentary was produced for ARD-Alpha and can be seen in its entirety at BR or in the ARD-MEDIATHEK. Interestingly, this documentary is also available on Youtube. Since we can link here exclusively Youtube and Vimeo posts, here are the three parts of this documentary::


Part 1: Narcissism and society


Part 2: The myth of Narcissus


Part 3: Narcissism as a disorder



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