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Omnibus ON SignalStore - explainer film

The handling of telematics data from different buses can pose major challenges for managers of bus companies and large fleets. Here one is forced with different software solutions and/or additional hardware.




The solution?

The OMNIplus ON SignalStore! This allows Mercedes-Benz and Petra buses to be integrated into existing fleet management systems without the need for additional hardware or software.


With our long-term partners from fischerAppelt, we created an animated film for Daimler Buses that presents the benefits of the product in an entertaining way and explains its functions.




Illustration style and animation

In doing so, we worked out a 2D illustration style that is simple, appealing and quick to understand. It adds a lightness to the theme. Likeable characters in a world that is coherent in itself. Told with a wink, without slipping into the silly or childishly playful.


The simple illustration style also has the great advantage that we were able to get more complex with the animation in important places.


So an appealing symbiosis of illustration and animation, purposeful and feasible in a manageable production period. A friendly film that is dynamic and convincing.




Refining the style:

The first film was implemented by another agency. We were asked to further develop the style of the first clip. This we did with pleasure! A quite interesting before - after comparison:


BLOG projekte daimler busses onmistore produktfilm beitragsbild




The original clip on Youtube (in English):




Outtakes (or amusing details)

As so often in projects, there are many ideas and approaches that are discarded again. Either they do not fit into the concept, disturb the story to be told and there are content reasons that speak against it.


In this case it was a jump deer, which should actually animate the bus to brake. Since this was not allowed to be shown that way for the content reasons already mentioned, the deer became a somewhat slow cyclist. 




Thrilling Insights ...

... into our way of working and many tips & tricks around animation and motion design we give you in our BLOG. Especially for our Daimler Buses project we created a separate tutorial.




What can we do for you?

Our core business as world changers is animation and motion graphic design. For which diverse fields of activity this can be invaluable, very you on our service overview and for whom we work all you can learn on our client pages.


Of course you can also reach us via telephone (+49 89 890 543 15) or contact form. Contact via WhatsApp is also possible.



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