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we are moving graphic design: We are a matey creative Design Agency based in Munich (germany). Our passion is Motion Design and Animation in every possible way. // Wir sind eine aufstrebende Designagentur aus München. Wir lieben alles, was mit Animation und Motion Design möglich ist.

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Trakehnerblut / Gestüt Hochstetten - Opening credits

We designed and animated the opening credits for the Austrian TV series Trakehnerblut. It was broadcast in 2017 on ServusTV and in 2018 on ARD as Gestüt Hochstetten. The eight-part series was produced by Samfilm. You can find the official trailer HERE.

And for those who are interested, here is the original text:

"A gripping eight-part series awaits Austria with this cinematic drama about power, intrigue and longing for a Trakehner stud farm. The main role of “Alexandra Winkler” is played by newcomer Julia Franz Richter, who made her TV début in “Tatort: Wehrlos” and on stage at the Munich People’s Theatre. Her half-siblings are played by Christoph Luser (“The Bone Man”) as “Maximilian Hochstetten”, Laurence Rupp (“Das Sacher”) as “Leander” and Patricia Aulitzky (“Lena Lorenz”) as “Silvia””. Other contributors include Michou Friesz (“Tatort (‘Crime Scene’)”), Jeanette Hain (“Head Full of Honey”, “Winterkartoffelknödel (‘Winter Potato Dumplings’)”), Stipe Erceg (including “The Baader-Meinhof Complex”, “Die Pilgerin”), Andreas Kiendl (“We Used to Be Cool”,”Dead in Three Days”), Mariam Hage and Heidi Berger.

The series was produced by Munich-based SamFilm with producers Ewa Karlström and Andreas Ulmke-Smeaton (“Windstorm”, “The Famous Five”, “Die Wilden Kerle (‘The Wild Guys’)”). Directors included Andreas Herzog (“Tatort” (‘Crime Scene’), “Unter Verdacht” (‘Under Suspicion’)) and Christopher Schier (“Tatort” (‘Crime Scene’)). The screenplay was provided by Lea Schmidbauer, who wrote the script for the successful film and book series “Windstorm”, among others."


Sam Film


HEARTBEAT - Peter Ries, Dimitri Ehrlich - performed by DD White



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