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we are moving graphic design: We are a matey creative Design Agency based in Munich (germany). Our passion is Motion Design and Animation in every possible way. // Wir sind eine aufstrebende Designagentur aus München. Wir lieben alles, was mit Animation und Motion Design möglich ist.

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How much security do we need in the digital world? How much freedom are we willing to sacrifice for it? Where does data protection begin and where does it end?

These are exciting questions that are addressed in the ARD-Alpha documentary "Achtung Internet". It was produced in 2017 and unfortunately the official link only leads to an info page, but nevertheless we can give you a lot of exciting background information about the creation process. A look behind the scenes ... 




Animations for TV documentaries

With enough planning and time, high-quality animation for documentation is definitely doable and more than reasonable. In this case, we were able to support the production with 2D and 3D animations (After Effects). The stylistic focus was on in the digital world. Information, data points, links, artificial intelligence or data streams. We decided to use a plugin for AE that was a perfect fit for this kind of visualization ....


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Save production time thanks to plugins

... This plugin is called Plexus and can create excellent 3D objects using individual points and their connections. For this you can use either 3D objects or simple 2D graphics. The settings are very versatile. With this and a few other effect layers we were able to deliver outstanding results in a healthy production time.


BLOG Beitragsbild EInzelbilder flach tv dokumentation animation digital internet motion design Achtung Internet




Fake interfaces for documentaries & movies 

With skilfully used motion design, we were able to develop and animate fake-User interfaces for the documentation. Accurate and stylish. But also the tracking of objects or camera movements in the film shots is part of our work. Here the possibilities for tracking in After Effects (internally) are constantly improving. Powerful plugins have been around for a while.


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There is so much more!

But not only nice cutscenes or animated information in the footage are feasible, but so much more! How about a captivating, animierted intro? Or a high quality on air design for a documentary series or science channel on Youtube? We love everything that has to do with film and documentaries and look forward to every new challenge ♥



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