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we are moving graphic design: We are a matey creative Design Agency based in Munich (germany). Our passion is Motion Design and Animation in every possible way. // Wir sind eine aufstrebende Designagentur aus München. Wir lieben alles, was mit Animation und Motion Design möglich ist.

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how is unique motion design made?

Whether it's a lengthy major project or a mini-job for a few hours, we adapt to each client and each project individually. We make sure that the process is as uncomplicated as possible, so that the focus is on what is most important: your vision.

We accompany you reliably through the entire process. If you wish, from the first uncomplicated consultation to the final result. We support your project teams in the creation of storyboards, styleframes, animatics or in the animation of graphics. No matter how big or small your project is, how wacky and experimental or otherwise challenging, we are there for you!

What to expect:

Our service packages for you

Our workflow in a nutshell

Our work processes explained in detail:

1. Request

2. Briefing

3. Offer

4. Storyline

5. Finding the style

6. Storyboard

7. Animatic

8. Production

9. Feedback

10. Done!

This is what your films could look like:

Die Weltenwandler Designagentur - unsere Prozesse für eure einzigartigen Filme!
Weltenwandler Design Agency - this are our workflow to create stunning animations.

our service packages for you

Wir Weltenwandler begleiten euch von der ersten Idee bis zu finalen Umsetzung!


We support you from the initial consultation through to the final product. You get everything from a single source: narrators, music, copywriters, designers, illustrators and motion design professionals. We’re here for you!

Wir Weltenwandler unterstützen euer Projekt gern bei der Stilsuche und z.B. beim erstellen und animieren der Storyboards.

style & animation

Got a finished script? Great, then we can head straight to the design phase and then implement it.

Wir Weltenwandler erstellen und animieren eure Storyboards! Profesionell, kreativ und transparent.


Do you simply require storyboard support to help perfectly convey your story idea? Then you've come to the right place. Even animated storyboards are possible for conveying your vision to everyone involved.

Wir Weltenwandler sind flexibel und helfen auch gern eurem Produktionsteam bei der Umsetzung der geplanten Animationen!


Just missing the animation and time is pressing on? Great! As thoroughbred designers and illustrators, we can easily bring foreign material to life!



our workflow in a nutshell



Everything starts with the decision to change something. We'll be happy to advise you early on in the project whether motion design is the right way to go, and what you need to consider right from the conception stage.



You tell us what you need, for what purpose and when. Alternatively, we’ll figure it out together.



Now we put our heads together and work out, construct, rethink and present you our ideas


finding the style

Are we free to design what we like or are there CI requirements to take into consideration? Now we determine the visual appearance.



Together we'll develop a storyboard to visualise your concept. We can also animate this upon request.



Images come to life! The main part of our work in which everything forms a product.



We now perfect the result down to the last detail with you.



No matter whether a small social media GIF or a spectacular show, whether an internal campaign or if you simply want to make the world a little more colourful - your vision has now become a reality!



We deliver the film or animations in your chosen format. We can also make arrangements for public project files (animation & graphic).

our work methods explained:

1. the first request

Every great project starts with the decision to act. Whether you want to expand reach, market a product, improve internal communications or stand out in social media, there are countless sensible reasons for moving image. We can quickly provide information on the approximate effort to be expected, a possible duration and the rough scope of costs. As we all know, it costs nothing to ask :)

2. the briefing

The briefing defines the framework conditions for the final product. Depending on the project, this can include a rough DeepL description, the voiceover text, or even design ideas (CI specifications, style references, moods). The more detailed the preliminary work is, the more precisely we can estimate the costs and the time required. If you wish, we will be happy to work out the briefing together with you.

To help you, we have compiled a few points that influence the costs:
How many films are planned?
How long should the animation be?
Should it be a fully animated film?
Or a real-life film with animated elements?
How complex is the desired style?
Should the film fit in with your corporate design?
Do you already have some graphics or illustrations?
Still looking for that brilliant idea? We’ll happily develop the right style for you!
Do you require music, sound effects and/or voice recordings?
Do you require open project data?
How much time do we have to implement your project?

3. our offer

Based on the information from the briefing, we create an individual offer for you. The individual tasks such as graphics creation, animation are listed as well as the number of designers working on the individual tasks and the external costs (voice recordings, composers or music, sound design, mixing, video recordings, stock material, scriptwriters, copywriters, cameramen, etc.). Delivery formats and feedback loops are also determined.

We make every item in the quote transparent, comprehensible and authentic. There are no hidden costs with us! Dangers are addressed openly at an early stage.

4. finding the style

Here we are happy to comply with your specifications, ideas or CI guidelines. Of course, we also develop our own styles on request! Depending on the project, it goes wild here: It is experimented, tried and discarded again. Until we have found the perfect style for your project! Moods and styleframes will help you. Of course, always with a view to the purpose, the content, the placement, the target group and our schedule.

5. the storyboard

We develop the storyboards either as a preview in drawn style, or already in the final illustrated format. Here we marry the text with the images and plan the animations.

Does the spoken word fit the image?
Is there enough time?
What does our target audience say?
Does the message come across?

6. the animated storyboard

Now things get moving: The animated storyboard (or animatic) clarifies once again whether the voiceover (usually still layout), the images and the first rough animation ideas fit together. Here you can work wonderfully on the timing and ideas until everything really fits.

7. let's go into the production!

Here we go! Now we start our work and bring graphics and illustrations to life! Now we create worlds for you as promised! Even in this phase we remain flexible and react to customer requests or spontaneous changes. Here we put all our heart and soul and our years of experience into every single project! In the big picture and in the small details.

When the visual part starts to take shape, the production of the audible part begins. The professional voice actors go to the studios, the composers work their magic and the sound designers start working.

8. feedback until it is perfect.

During production, of course, there are several feedback loops. We often send partial animations early on to stay close to the customer's vision. Only when everything really fits, only when expectations are exceeded and there are no more open points, then we are done!

9. it's done!

Congratulations! Your idea, your vision is now a reality! So that the rest of the world will notice, we export the films and animations in any format you want. Really, any format (e.g. uncompressed ProRes, mp4 for web, GIFs or templates). Now you can really get started with it, but be careful ...

but please consider ...

... a film alone is not the solution. A well-planned and thought-out campaign or strategy is important! Although we specialize in motion design and animation, we have been working with full-service agencies and social media professionals for many years. Together with our partners, we can submit you a comprehensive offer or refer you directly.

this is what your films could look like:

  • en best of

  • showreels

Show me more animations

we are happy to help!

How can you get in touch with us? Quite simply via telephone (also via WhatsApp) or contact form! We are happy to advise you at any time, personally and uncomplicated.

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