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we are moving graphic design: We are a matey creative Design Agency based in Munich (germany). Our passion is Motion Design and Animation in every possible way. // Wir sind eine aufstrebende Designagentur aus München. Wir lieben alles, was mit Animation und Motion Design möglich ist.

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tv, film, streaming -
we’ve got something up our sleeve for your!

For your film productions we create professional and creative title sequences, credit animation, on-air design, inserts or templates. Whether for the big screen, TV or streaming service.


Do you need a design for the entire channel or your Youtube channel? A broadcast packaging with perfectly integrated belly bands (Lower-Third) or creative dividers (Transition) - gladly also as Essential Graphics templates (MOGR templates)? With or without style guides? Or would you prefer informative animations for documentary films?


For all these topics we are your reliable partner with many years of experience. We offer creativity, experimentation, problem solving and attention to detail. Over the years, we have worked for renowned clients such as Ratpack or Samfilm, or supported productions for ZDF, BR, ARD, ServusTv, Pro7 or the German children's channel Kika with our animation know-how.


Let's delve deeper into this multifaceted topic:

How we can help you:

What can it look like?

What we’ve got up our sleeve for you:

What are the costs?

We’re here to help!

how we canhelp you:

Wir Weltenwandler können auch special effects!


Visual effects are digital effects added during post-production. On the one hand, they include visible effects that might include high-end 3D animations of gigantic spaceships or powerful, primordial beasts. On the other hand, there are invisible effects such as the removal of objects from the image or adding digital rain, snow or explosions.

Wir Weltenwandler erschaffen CI

broadcast package

It describes the graphic appearance of a programme or YouTube video. It contains logo animations, lower thirds, intros and outros, transitions, title animations and other graphic overlays. This creates a professional appearance and recognition value for the viewer.

Wir Weltenwandler erschaffen packende, animierte Vorspänne!

opener | intro | opening credits

Whether short or long, whether for streaming, cinema or games – opening credits put your viewer in the mood! It tells the background story and is often the reason for choosing to watch the upcoming film or not…

Wir Weltenwandler erschaffen beeindruckende Titel Animationen!

title animation | title sequence

Spectacular title animations for cinema films, or perhaps short and snappy animations for a YouTube channel? Title animations can win over viewers in a matter of seconds.

Wir Weltenwandler erschaffen eure neues Channel-Design!

on-air design

We develop on-air design for TV formats, video channels or entire channels. We provide convenient and flexible animation templates for premières (MOGRT) that allow you to create your own video content.

Wir Weltenwandler hauchen eurem Logo leben ein, und erzählen so eure Geschichte!

logo animation

When used properly, an animated logo used in an intro (or opening credits) can tell an entire story! It involves every single frame. A challenge that’s worth it!

Wir Weltenwandler erschaffen kreative und unterhaltsame Animationen für eure Abspänne!

credit animations

Creative, credit animations are the icing on the cake of any film or game. They entertain and motivate viewers to stay seated or tell more about a story. They're far more than simply a nice thing to have!

Wir Weltenwandler entwickeln hochkarätige Grafischen Einblendungen für eure Dokumentationsfilme!

animation for documentaries

Professionally animated graphics, charts, logos or entire films. Animations are essential for modern documentaries. Whether integrated into real footage or independent film elements, whether 2D or 3D, we'll develop the right creative solutions based on your topic, existing design and target group!

Wir Weltenwandler animieren eure Storyboards! Zeitnah und kreativ.

animated storyboard

Perfectly visualise your story idea with an animated storyboard! This lets everyone involved understand the vision as clearly as possible and achieves creative control over the film early on. These animated storyboards also provide accurate information regarding timing and feasibility.

Wir Weltenwandler entwickeln profesionelle Animationen und binden sie perfekt in euere real gedrehten Aufnahmen ein.

Live action with animation

Live action combined with animations can be found everywhere: as on-air design in the news, in cinema or TV productions as title animations and VFX, as animated graphics in documentaries or as lower thirds in programmes. They are also essential in promotional, advertising and product films.

Wir Weltenwandler erschaffen ihre animierte Kinowerbung! Maßgeschneidert, kreativ und einzigartig.

tv & cinema advertisement

Want to reach your target group in the cinema, in front of their TV or laptop with catchy, creative and targeted films? We can help you here! We can also animate your logo for cinema openers or the entire opening credits. We look forward to hearing from you!

Mit unseren profesionellen und kreative Animationen unterstützen wir euch auch in den sozialen Medien!

social media channel

Well-animated posts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok, to name but a few, are the perfect way to enhance your brand, reach a wider audience and retain customers. Whether funny GIFs, entertaining posts, announcements, self-portrayals and more, the content is as diverse as the available styles. Loud, brightly coloured and provocative or quiet, serious and to-the-point: we're happy to help you implement this in a prompt, easy manner.

what can it look like?

We combine 2D and 3D techniques, frame-by-frame, motion graphic design and modern character animation. Whether simple, straight-to-the-point animations or complex visual effects, we’ll find the right tone for you! Even better - take a look for yourself:

  • en best of

show me more of it

What we’ve got up our sleeve for you:

Bei uns bekommt ihr die volle Ladung Sendungsverpackung!

TV, film & cinema

We provide the entire package! Whether on-air design for TV formats or entire channel branding, title and credit sequences for television and cinema films or animated graphics and video clips for documentaries, we'll create a style guide for your design. No matter what you need, we'll flexibly and reliable support you throughout the entire process.

Mit animierter Corporate Identity bzw. Corporate Design in ein neues Zeitalter eintreten!

animated corporate design

Animated, or moving corporate design is essential if you're looking to professionally present your company in the digital world. Whether corporate films, educational videos, presentations, business TV, social media posts or websites - we develop animations based on your corporate design! This could include CI-compliant, animated video graphics packages, interviews and much more.

Wir helfen euch mit animierten Beiträgen in Kontakt mit der ganzen Welt zu treten!

social media animation

Whether funny GIFs, entertaining blogs, announcements, self-promotion, etc. the content varies as much as the style: sometimes loud, brightly coloured and provocative or quiet, minimalist and straight-to-the-point. Other key components for your professional online presence may also include skilled channel branding or title and logo animations. We're happy to help you implement this in a timely, simple manner.

Wir Weltenwandler sind euer Partner für kreative und einzigartig animierte Werbefilme!

commercials | adverts

Commercials or adverts are designed to raise interest in a brand, product or service and improve its public image. To achieve this, the product or brand needs to be presented as creatively and effectively as possible while demonstrating the advantages. This not only increases sales figures but also generates trust in the brand or product.

Wir Weltenwandler animieren euer einzigartigen Imagefilm! Schaut doch mal rein ...

image film

A promotional film is an extension of an industry-based film. It involves portraying a company, institution, organisation or product brand, or a service. It’s a perfect marketing tool for communicating values, ideas, presentations and advantages over the competition at an emotional level. We can help you tell your story in a unique and authentic way!

what are the costs?

Simply give us a call and we’ll find a solution together. Our motto: quality and creativity for every customer and budget! We're available should you need any information or a consultation. Feel free to use our handy contact form should you wish.

Here are some factors that may influence the price: In short: the clearer your vision from the start, the less time our team will require to implement it.


How many films or animated sequences need to be created?

Should it be a fully animated film?

Or a real-life film with animated elements?

How complex is the desired style?

Do you already have some graphics or illustrations?

Still looking for the right style? No problem! We’ll be happy to develop a new one for you!

How much time do we have to implement your project?

on-air design:

What needs to be packaged?

How many elements are used?

Or should it be an entire on-air design?

How complex is the desired graphic style?

Are there graphics requirements?

How much time do we have to implement your project?

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we support you

We reliably accompany you throughout the entire process based on your requirements! We can support you from the very first consultation right through to final implementation of the animations. If required, we can also collaborate with producers and art directors to guarantee the best possible visualisation of your existing vision.

You can find out more about how we work HERE.



You tell us what you need, for what purpose and when. Alternatively, we’ll figure it out together.



Now we put our heads together and work out, construct, rethink and present you our ideas


finding the style

Are we free to design what we like or are there CI requirements to take into consideration? Now we determine the visual appearance.



Together we'll develop a storyboard to visualise your concept. We can also animate this upon request.



Images come to life! The main part of our work in which everything forms a product.



We now perfect the result down to the last detail with you.



We deliver the film or animations in your chosen format. We can also make arrangements for public project files (animation & graphic).




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